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Church and Community working together to care for our planet by 

  •  raising awareness

  • practical action

  • campaigning

“One Northallerton” believes that God created the world and commissioned humanity to care for it (Gen 1 & 2).  We as Christians should therefore be concerned about issues such as climate change, pollution and loss of biodiversity, which threaten any living things. We are called to stand up for justice and to speak out on behalf of those who are already suffering the effects of climate change. This is an essential expression of the gospel and should be a concern for the whole church, not a fringe activity for a few enthusiasts.

'One Northallerton One Planet' was set up in Feb 2021 with members from each of the 5 churches. You can engage with use Facebook

or email 

We would love to hear your comments and always welcome new members!

We aim to work with our leaders and congregations to encourage the inclusion of creation care in our worship and teaching of all ages, to consider how our buildings and church activities can become more eco-friendly and to consider our own individual lifestyles. We celebrated Climate Sunday in September 2021, when 3 of the 5 churches declared a Climate & Environmental Emergency. We presented a petition about climate finance (with over 200 signatures) to Rishi Sunak during COP26.  On the practical side, we will be planting some trees around the town during 2022 and creating a community garden in the Applegarth.

We have also engaged with our community through various activities and events leading up to COP26 and been a catalyst for starting “Climate Action Northallerton”, a broad-based network seeking to bring interested groups and individuals under one umbrella so that we can more easily work together to bring about change.

Spring newsletter

Please see attached our latest newsletter!

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