Computer Group


Are you new to computers? Do you want help with operating your computer?  Do you have problems using your computer?

We meet every Thursday in Zion United Reformed Church Rooms, from 2 00 p.m. to 4 00 p.m.

Come along to meet us and learn the basics of:-

  • Emails and internet providers

  • Common faults on computers

  • Web page development

  • Digital picture manipulation / photography

  • Word processing and filing systems

  • Address book compilation

  • Setting up the computer systems

  • The use of printers

  • Software selection and use

  • Any other items that we can help with your computer operation.

  • Blue tooth and wireless

  • Computer selection

  • Hand held computers

  • Laptops

At present we aim to help people aged over 60, but anyone who wants help is welcome. We have on average two new people passing through each week: some get the help they need and don’t need to return; others come on a regular basis. We offer the following:


  1. Teaching help one-to-one. Most of the teaching staff  have gone through the “Learn Direct Programme” and can often assist those who are unsure and hesitant to try out computers, tablets or smartphones

  2. Technical help from our three technicians who can generally sort out any problem

  3. Assistance with setting up your printer, setting to default printer, wireless printers, networking, letter writing, filing, photos, photo editing, speeding up your computer  and cleaning, maintenance, word processing, spread sheets, Powerpoint presentations or whatever turns up or people want to do.

  4. We advise on many operating systems, including Windows 7, 8, 8’1, 10; iPads & iPhones, Linux and much more

  5.  “OW2” sessions take place every fortnight and are projector tutorial sessions teaching ‘how to do…’. 

Do visit our website for more detailed information, contact details and dates etc.

We have used the former churches together name (CTNA) to express what we do, in line with the vision of onenorthallerton church + community together


Tablets & Technology in

Northallerton Helping the Community to

Access & advance in Modern technology.